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It truly is a honour to have you come join me .....

Well now your here I had better tell you a little about myself and my ever growing podcast chat show.

2013 I started my journey in broadcasting by joining Plymouth Community Radio Station Eatmusic. I was a radio presenter at Eatmusic for just over a year before joining NCB radio and being a presenter there for just over two years.

In 2017 I decided to set up my own home studio and start up my very own Podcast . The podcast has evolved loads over the years to where iam today and I now feel iam at a place where I feel happy .

My show is a platform for guests to tell their stories on my chat based show. It is a very free flowing show, where we chew the fat and pretty much any topic could come up 😀

I love talking to pretty much anyone and finding out what makes them tick, learning from others and hopefully along the way encouraging my listeners who may be inspired to also look at themselves and possibly change their lives also....

Thankyou once again for checking out my page , please feel free to stay a while and call it home .

Much love MJx


Jun 29, 2020

Enough is Enough !!!!

I have finally reached a stage in my life where i'am fed up working for other people .....

Its time for me to live the life of my dreams and to do the work in life i feel most called to do.

Do you feel the same?

I sent i Voxer question to Cliff Ravenscraft , The Mindset Answer man, little did i...

Jun 25, 2020

SOOOOO my podcasting friends how the frickin hell are you?

I have a awesome episode for you this week, featuring Amy Bowlin & Holland Webb from the Afterword Podcast.

These guys are from South Carolina and their amazing podcast looks into words and the conversation about the future of words.

I had a great time with...

Jun 18, 2020

Bonjour Listeners !!!

Firstly , hope your keeping well.

On this episode i chat to Ken Tucker. He is a Blues Singer/Guitarist from USA.


So this episode was a challenge and i think it payed off. I learnt so much from Ken and the one thing i picked up on was his passion...

Jun 11, 2020

This weeks episode was brought to you by, The Tangled Mind Podcast

PLEASE head over and support this amazing podcast !

This week i welcome Lee Stevens to the show. Lee is a seasoned podcaster from The Isle Of Man and produces an amazing podcast called MUST SEE AUDIO.

We chat about...

Jun 4, 2020

Welcome my friends to another episode, in such times that really pains me...Ive just watched the horrible incidents happening all over America right now due to the murder of George Floyd.

Now on the 13th of May i recorded this episode with Joshua Brister . He is a Podcaster from America and does a great show called...