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It truly is a honour to have you come join me .....

Well now your here I had better tell you a little about myself and my ever growing podcast chat show.

2013 I started my journey in broadcasting by joining Plymouth Community Radio Station Eatmusic. I was a radio presenter at Eatmusic for just over a year before joining NCB radio and being a presenter there for just over two years.

In 2017 I decided to set up my own home studio and start up my very own Podcast . The podcast has evolved loads over the years to where iam today and I now feel iam at a place where I feel happy .

My show is a platform for guests to tell their stories on my chat based show. It is a very free flowing show, where we chew the fat and pretty much any topic could come up 😀

I love talking to pretty much anyone and finding out what makes them tick, learning from others and hopefully along the way encouraging my listeners who may be inspired to also look at themselves and possibly change their lives also....

Thankyou once again for checking out my page , please feel free to stay a while and call it home .

Much love MJx


Sep 5, 2018

Marc invites Blaze in for a manly chat.

Blaze tells us of his holiday in China.

Marc's focus on life has finally got to a stage where he is happy,  although a spot of negativity rears its head at the last minute.

This weeks main feature is about Negativity and addiction.

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