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Do you like to be Entertained ?

Do you enjoy listening to music and visiting festivals ?

Dipping you nose into Current Affairs and Politics ?

Perhaps your more hands on and enjoy fitness and outdoor sports ?

Perhaps you just enjoy relaxing with your favorite drink and a takeaway, with your headphones on listening to your favorite podcast , Audiobook , Radioshow or Interview ?

As a parent i love all of these but sometimes  cant due to lifestyle demands.

Well now you can.

This podcast gives you all of the above and much much more....

Join Marc and guests on his weekly bespoke podcast show.

Entertainment brought to your ears

Where ever , When ever you choose !!


Oct 8, 2020

As children our parents drummed it into us how important it is to go and play. As parents we drum it into our children  how important it is to interact with other and play but why, as adult do we have a problem with playing . The whole word, PLAY seems slightly wrong to us as we get older but why?

On this weeks episode i chat to Jeff Harry an international speaker who has presented at conferences such as INBOUND , SXSW and Australia's Pausefest. Jeff has also shown individuals and companies how to tap into their true selves, to feel their happiest and fulfilled - all by playing...

Companies such as Google , Microsoft, Adobe, The NFL, AMAZON and FACEBOOK have also asked Jeff for his help encouraging staff to infuse more play in to their day to day work to improve their relations and productivity in the work place.

For more information about Jeff please check him out at